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" The Wonderdome is a popular tourist attraction until the MFA Scientist Directorate discovered a rare plant with the M-08 element. Since then, control of the Wonderdome has shifted constantly between the Smokes and the MFA..."[]

The Wonderdome is the largest map among all maps in Ballistic. For its greenery and high camping spots, it is the best map for [[1]] and [[2]] to hide in the shades of light. For the ruins at the center of the map, they are best used to hide from sniper fires. A overhead bulletproof glass bridge spans from both Blue Team and Red Team spawn points and around the ruins of the map.

Wonderdome is assumed to be under The Smokes' control until the MFA found the M-08 element is found in the dome. The MFA intends to take over the dome to research more about the element, but the Smokes refused to give in and a war happened in the beautiful tourist attraction. The dome is closed and the control of the dome shifted constantly.

Wonderdome is a map added in version 1.1.2. It is a mostly circular map with two buildings you can enter at each end, ruins in the middle for close range combat, and walkways above the main part of the map, mainly for use by snipers. It has an identical layout to Free to Play's Wonderdome.


a sniper-friendly map set in the “outdoors” of a research facility greenhouse.



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