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The Typhoon is a Machine Pistol exclusively for Shadow. It has incredibly low damage, but incredibly high fire rate to make up for that. Officially released on version 1.1.2.


  • Because of it's high damage per second, tight spread, and high mobility this gun is great for run and gun.
  • Using the perk(s) Shadow Walker and/or Fast as Lightning you improve your damage per second allowing you to win gunfights easier.
  • The Swiftness perk allows you to move much faster allowing you to travel between health packs easier, or cross the map faster.

Weapon Skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Volunteer Typhoon

First Blood[]

  • Jungle Typhoon
  • Diamond ore Typhoon

Patch Notes[]


  • typhoons clip was reduced to 25 (was 35), and had a slight accuracy increase.


  • The Typhon is based off the Glock 18 machine pistol.