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The Terminator is a Sidearm exclusively for Grenadier. It is classified as a Shotgun by the game, however.


  • Due to the ability to fire while reloading on shotguns you can hold the fire key while reloading the terminator for almost, if not identical fire rate while reloading. This makes the gun very useful during a shootout in close quarters.
  • Using the Firearms expert perk will increase the effective range of the Terminator making it more useful in mid range fights, You'd almost always want to pick this up because of that.
  • This is a great gun for flanking unaware opponents due to it's high mobility (which can be increased with the Last Laugh perk) and 1 shot potential against anything with less HP then a Vanguard with Modified DNA.


Weapon Skins[]

Early access[]

  • Volunteer Terminator

First Blood[]

  • Sunrise Terminator
  • Tiger Terminator
  • Diamond ore Terminator


  • Its based off the Model 1887 shotgun.