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The Switchblade is a Sidearm exclusively for Vanguard. This gun is a peashooter pistol that is deadly accurate and can land headshots quite effectively. Couple that with the insanely large clip and it's decent fire rate, and you have a very effective sidearm.


  • To maximize the guns headshot damage use the Action hero perk alongside the Weapons expert perks on Vanguard to raise the headshot damage from 79 to 87 with weapons expert and 104 with both Weapons expert, and Action hero. This allows you to 2 shot 200hp classes (besides Berserker in fury mode, or with the Guts perk)
  • You almost always want to run Weapons expert due to it increasing base damage from 45 to 50 allowing you to use 1 less bullet against every class.
  • Run Courage under fire for a more run & gun approach for when you run out of magazine on your primary gun and pull out the switchblade for a way to pull back, or finish off a kill.

Weapon Skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Veteran Switchblade

First Blood[]

  • Tiger Switchblade
  • Diamond ore Switchblade


  • This weapon has moved arsenals a few times. It was available to all classes, then to Vanguard, then Shadow, then back to Vanguard.
  • This gun appears to be based off the Walther P99