The Strife is an Assault Rifle exclusively for Vanguard. This gun excels in mid to long range combat, taking use of it's scope to do so. In most cases, this is a preferred AR for running a fully offensive Vanguard skill set.

Strategies Edit

  • To maximize the guns headshot damage use the Action hero perk alongside the Weapons expert perks on Vanguard to raise the headshot damage from 61 to 67 with Weapons expert, then to 80 with Action hero + Weapons expert. This allows you to 2 hit kill Wraith and Shadow with headshots. As well as reduce your required shots against other classes (except Tank with Well prepared) when you land headshots on them.
  • Weapons expert can be used to increase or scoped in accuracy, or improve your hipfire it also reduces the shots required to kill someone by one once they reach over 200 HP (except base Vanguard)
  • Courage under fire can be ran for a more offensive build decreasing the builds TTK (time to kill) whenever you get hit for a brief period of time, but significantly increases the recoil due to the fire rate increase.

Weapon Skins Edit

Early Access Edit

  • Honored Strife

First Blood Edit

  • Jungle Strife
  • Diamond ore Strife

Patch Notes Edit

v1.3.3 Edit

  • Reduced Strifes clip size to 25 (was 30)

Trivia Edit

  • Based off the Steyr AUG A3
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