The Stalker is an Assault Rifle exclusively for Vanguard. It has a grenade launcher attachment that can be utilized.

Strategies Edit

  • Running the Weapons expert perk gives the stalker a tighter hipfire spread, as well making recoil almost invisible on the gun while giving you a good damage boost. This allows you to easily win fights against anyone that pushes your position.
  • Do to it's tight hipfire spread, good damage per second, and range this gun can be used for both pushing, and holding positions.
  • The grenade launcher on the Stalker is good for both finishing off enemies, as well as damaging enemies that are behind corners do to it's ability to fire immediately after it's swapped to, and having area of effect damage.

Weapon Skins Edit

Early Access Edit

  • Volunteer Stalker

First Blood Edit

  • Jungle Stalker
  • Diamond ore Stalker

Patch Notes Edit

v1.3.3 Edit

  • Clip size reduced to 25 (was 35)

Trivia Edit

  • Based off the IWI Tavor TAR-21
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