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The Sledgehammer is a melee weapon exclusively for Tank. This is Tank's first special melee weapon, as well as the first special melee weapon not used on Shadow. It is the only weapon in the Concussion weapon type.


  • This weapon has excellent mobility, but poor range and Tanks sluggish movement makes it unsuited for use as a primary weapon. Using this as a weapon pulled out in close quarters, or as a mobility tool are your best options.
  • Because of Tanks inherently slow mobility even with this weapons high mobility stat you are not going to be able to catch up to faster classes that are backing off while shooting you. This makes running away, or swapping to another weapon better options if you haven't pushed them into a corner.
  • Running the Raging Bull perk allows you to be more aggressive with this weapon, allowing you to charge towards your enemy in a mid range fight because of it's 40% damage reduction.


  • The game incorrectly categorizing the Sledgehammer as a sword.

    Despite being in the Concussion weapon group, the game considers it a sword, due to it's shared code with katanas.

Patch Notes[]


  • Added to the game.