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The silencer is a secondary function or attachment that makes a weapon not reveal you on minimap when fired.

Weapons with silencer[]


  • There are 2 weapons that shouldn't be silenced currently in the game that are. (and function as so) The Constrictor and Magistrate, both weapons give no visual showing a silencer, nor do they make any audio cues implying they have one, it may be a coding error or it may be implying that silencer is just a secondary weapon function like suggested with the melee weapons all having (a) silencer.
  • Melee weapons currently are shown as weapons with (a) silencer.
  • The brigand visually shows a silencer, as well as having audio cues implying it does. But doesn't act as if it has one in game, adding to the theory that silencer might possible be a secondary function that nullifies radar visibility.