• Corporate Park: a large map set in between two corporate towers that enables very strategic gameplay routes. 
  • Sunnsquare Mall: a multi-layered level where firefights can occur from every direction set in a luxurious downtown mall. 
  • Overhead: a compact warehouse filled with containers and moving platforms sets the tone for intense close-combat firefights. 
  • Hollow: a close-quarters focused map set in the bowels of a secret facility under construction. 
  • Nox Museum: a mix of long and multi-layered corridors and close quarters adjacent rooms makes this contemporary art museum an exciting battleground
  • Hakim Library: a large arena with long-range fire lines surrounded by corridors and stairs set in a stylish library atop a skyscraper. 
  • Wonderdome: a sniper-friendly map set in the “outdoors” of a research facility greenhouse. 
  • Citadel: an underground data center that offers many different interconnected areas with many horizontal action battlefields. 
  • Blackfield Hospital: a harrowing abandoned mental hospital in the heart of a metropolis that hides secrets that could change everything.
  • Reinstate: a large refinery set out in the fields with many vantage points to take advantage of and hazards to avoid.
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