Ballistic Overkill Wikia

The Rampart is a Shotgun exclusively for Tank. Prior to Ballistic Overkill, this shotgun was named Piledriver. It was changed to not be confused with the new Piledriver.


  • Because it has extremely high base damage this shotgun can be ran with no shotgun perks alongside a defensive tank build with a good mid/long range gun.
  • Due to it's single shot pellet you can shoot while reloading allowing you to be more aggressive with your reloads by doing it mid fight when your opponent walks behind cover.
  • Running the Provoked perk with the Rampart can increase your overall effective range, as well as allow you to 1 shot a Tank.
  • The Effectiveness perk can be used to make it so you more consistently land direct hits with the Rampart, as well as reduce the time vulnerable while reloading.
  • Running the Raging bull perk allows you to be more aggressive with this weapon, charging in mid range fights because of it's 50% damage reduction.

Weapon skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Veteran Rampart

First Blood[]

  • Tiger Rampart
  • Diamond ore Rampart