Ballistic Overkill Wikia

The Persuader is a Sidearm exclusively for wraith. This gun can be seen as a counterpart to the Machete, as they are very similar guns, stat-wise and visually. The Persuader has decreased accuracy, but can hit harder and reload slightly faster for a slight accuracy and fire rate loss.


  • Very much alike to the Machete you want to maximize headshot damage to make the gun more formidable against your opponents, adding steady arms raises the base headshot damage from 140 to 182 allowing you to one shot any Shadow, Wraith, and 2 tap a Vanguard with modified DNA or headshot bodyshot a normal Vanguard unlike the machete.
  • Elite shooter allows you to get fast kills with the Persuader while reloading quickly, allowing you to be more aggressive with very little downtime pushing mid range fights with little downtime between clips.
  • Combat wraith allows you to be more flexible with the gun due to the bonus range allowing you to use the gun at longer ranges while having damage resistance to do a mid range fight, and sprint faster to grab health or close the gap.


  • Based off the H&K Mk .23
  • used to be an exclusive shadow weapon