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The Mammoth is a Sidearm exclusively for Tank.


  • Due to it's magazine reload vs single shot reload you aren't going to able to fire when reloading the Mammoth unlike most other shotguns, so it's best to reload when you're behind cover.
  • Increasing damage with the Provoked perk allows you to 1 shot classes with 200HP as well as 2 shot other classes with higher health, or damage resistance.
  • The Effectiveness perk can be used to make it so you more consistently land direct hits with the Mammoth, as well as reduce the time vulnerable while reloading.
  • Running the Raging bull perk allows you to be more aggressive with this weapon, charging in mid range fights because of it's 50% damage reduction.

Weapon Skins[]

Early access[]

  • Volunteer Mammoth

First Blood[]

  • Tiger Mammoth
  • Diamond ore Mammoth

Second Wind[]

  • Rose Mammoth
  • Jungle Mammoth
  • Urban Mammoth