The Machete is a Sidearm exclusively for Wraith. This gun can be seen as a counterpart to the Persuader, as they are very similar guns, stat-wise and visually.

The Machete has increased range compared to most Wraith sidearms, but due to it's lower base damage compared to the Persuader it does less at range then it. The machete is still a formidable wraith sidearm due to it's ability to accurately and consistently land high damage headshots with it's medium RoF.

Strategies Edit

  • To maximize the guns headshot damage use the steady arms perk on Wraith to raise the headshot damage from 138 to 180 allowing you to one shot any Wraith, and Shadow when you hit their head in range, it also allows you to 2 shot Vanguard with modified DNA this way.
  • Elite shooter allows you to get fast kills with the machete, allowing you to be more aggressive with wraith pushing mid range fights unlike most Wraith builds which are used from longer ranges.
  • Combat wraith allows you to be more flexible with the gun due to the bonus range allowing you to use the gun at longer ranges while having damage resistance to do a mid range fight, and sprint faster to grab health or close the gap.
Machete 2

Machete's new art.

Trivia Edit

  • The Machete appears to be a Persuader (MK23) with a suppressor and laser sight attachment.
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