The Judge is a Sniper Rifle exclusively for Wraith. It has a laser sight and a scope.

Weapon Skins Edit

Early Access Edit

  • Volunteer Judge

First Blood Edit

  • Jungle Judge
  • Diamond ore Judge

Patch Notes Edit

v1.3.7 Edit

  • Damage increased to 150 (was 130)

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon was the first fully automatic sniper in the game, until it was reverted to the old semi-automatic version for unknown reasons.
  • Despite being the first fully automatic sniper in Ballistic Overkill, it was still more viable to treat the Judge as a semi and fire one shot at a time, as the upward recoil on it makes you end up missing if shooting from long distances as well as increasing your hipfire spread more rapidly then firing 1 shot at a time (even while comparing to firing the same rate as full auto).
  • Based off the Mk 11 Mod 0 designated marksman rifle.
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