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The Gremlin is a Shotgun exclusively for Vanguard. This gun greatly benefits from being able to shoot it's shells really fast, and reload them all at once, making this arguably the best shotgun to choose from. To make up for it's bad accuracy, you can run an accuracy skill set on Vanguard.


  • Much like the Bonebreaker due to it's low accuracy buffing it with Weapons expert allows you to be more accurate at longer ranges, this also gives you the chance to 1 shot Vanguard in close quarters.
  • Due to it's lower rate of fire compared to other automatic shotguns it is a good idea to consider adding the Courage under fire perk when using this gun to make it kill faster
  • The Barrage perk can be an inclusion if you want the ability to kill multiple enemies with no downtime, this can allow you to stop pushes swiftly in the right situation.

Weapon Skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Volunteer Gremlin

First Blood[]

  • Sunrise Gremlin
  • Tiger Gremlin
  • Diamond ore Gremlin


  • Based off the SRM Arms Model 1208
  • The SRM Arms Model 1208 hold 8 shells in the magazine, while in the game, the Gremlin only hold 6 shells.