Team Deathmatch (TDM) Edit

Two teams fight each other to the death in an arena. There are health packs littered across the map, along with one large health pack, in a central location. The winner of this game mode is determined by the teams' number of kills.

Free For All (FFA) Edit

In this gamemode, there are no teams. The players fight for their own benefit. It's kill or be killed! The health pack placement is identical to Team Deathmatch's. The winner of this gamemode is determined by the person with the most kills. Spawns are scattered around the maps, rather than only inside specific locations.

Capture Points (CP) Edit

Two teams struggle for power in a map. There are control points scattered across the map that must be captured in order to score points.

King of the Hill (KotH) Edit

In this gamemode, there is one central point to capture. To earn points, you must stand on the point.

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