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The Commando is an Assault Rifle exclusively for Tank. The Commando's defining feature is its secondary function of a grenade launcher. For it can allow an area denial of enemies, or can be used to finish an opponent off.


  • The grenade launcher on the commando is a very useful tool for finishing off opponents, or to get damage in when your expecting someone to peak a corner.
  • Even though the Commando has a high accuracy stat it has a moderate amount of recoil when hipfiring making aiming down sights the more viable option unless you want to run the Effectiveness perk.
  • Even with it's high DPS, you might want to run Provoked due to the grenade launcher, this allows you to finish off opponents faster with a high damage grenade while having a gun that can pack a punch.

Weapon Skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Volunteer Commando

First Blood[]

  • Tiger Commando
  • Diamond ore Commando


  • Even though the Commando has a high accuracy stat it has quite poor hipfire at medium ranges, unlike the silenced version of this gun the Brigand, making this gun have a very different play style then it.