The Classes of Ballistic are within of seven classes with each distinctive tactical positions that each role has of one of it's own. Beware, they maybe vicious fighters but they aren't invincible characters.

  • The Vanguard: The most basic and beginner class that has a mix of offensive and defensive talents that makes him hard to kill, using shotguns and assault rifles as offensive and passive skills to buff health and armor as defensive, but still is different to other classes.
  • The Berserker: The Riskier Class that has a pure focus on inflicting very high damage but costing his defense though, physically bulkier but has really bad armor. He is a bodybuilder who can channel his ptsd into a bloody rage, damages his armor but boosts his movement speed, and melee strength.
  • The Tank: The Defensive Heavy Class that has all three stats of health, armor and strength to it's peak but with a cost of speed, The Tank can withstand and lash back heavy damage to those who strike him down, but can't move as fast as any other classes, and nimble players can maneuver around him.
  • The Marksman: Sniper Class that has the medium build with the vanguard but with the cost of armor but health, strength and speed will remain the same. he is a skilled scout, enable his technology to root out hiding opponents such as wraiths and shadows, and can use sniper rifles/assault rifles with him.
  • The Wraith: The.....special class. this character is the weakest class above all else but what it lacks in health, armor and in terms of speed is, with special camouflage ability that enables him to become completely cloaked while not moving for about a few seconds. He uses sniper rifles/ light machine guns to compensate for his lack of stats, although this class should be more creative.
  • The Shadow: The Ninja, trained in the arts of ninjustu. Stealth, Endurance and Perseverance are his main tools, His health is not bad compared to the wraith but has the armor of a marksman, but his movement speed is very excellent and can use his katana to slice up anyone, with the side of smg's and machine pistols for finishing off weaker classes
  • The Grenadier: The Demo Class, maestro of explosives, this small height soldier maybe at a disadvantage but for his love of music can leave an explosive impact for the others around him and his foes, he can use a grenade launcher/assault rifles to inflict very high damage within a very good raidus, he can throw two grenades at the same time. enabling to weed out foes in hiding.
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