The Chainsaw is a Light Machine Gun exclusively for Tank.

Strategies Edit

  • Rapidly tap firing this gun allows you to land shots accurately over long ranges, while still doing decent damage per second.
  • Because of it's high DPS running defensive perks like Blitzkrieg, and Well prepared instead of damage options is a good choice.
  • Even though the Chainsaw has a decent Accuracy stat aiming down sights doesn't significantly decrease your movement speed compared to other weapons, so during gunfights there isn't much gain from hipfiring the gun.
  • The grenade launcher on the Chainsaw is good for both finishing off enemies, as well as damaging enemies that are behind corners do to it's ability to fire immediately after it's swapped to, and having good area of effect damage.

Weapon Skins Edit

Early Access Collection Edit

  • Honored Chainsaw

First Blood Edit

  • Jungle Chainsaw
  • Diamond ore Chainsaw

Patch Notes Edit

v1.3.5 Edit

  • Increased Damage from 50 to 53
  • Increased range from 28m to 31m

Trivia Edit

  • This is unique in two ways: It is the highest capacity LMG in-game, and it is the only LMG with an under slung grenade launcher.
  • The Chainsaw is based off the KAC Chainsaw, which was only a prototype.
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