☀Playful, smart, authoritarian

Allegiance: MFA

The grenadier makes his presence known on the battlefield with the booming sound of his explosives. His skills can make his payloads even deadlier or allow him to shrug off much of his own careless self-damage back to the enemy.

Playstyle Tutorial | Grenadier & Serpent (by Zrtec1)

 Class Emblem Edit

Grenadier Class Icon

Important Events Edit

  • Originally a military scientist
  • Responsible for the first few breakthroughs with the moss technology
  • When partially insane and completely pyromaniac due to the moss
  • Key member of the MFA
  • Respects and follows the Marksman’s lead

Personality Edit

Smart and funny. Always cracking jokes and giving orders. Grenadier enjoys his position in the MFA far more than any other. In there, he found the funds and authority to research as he pleases. He is grateful towards the Marksman for the opportunity and hateful towards the Tank for leaving them.As the years passed, he became more and more obsessed with the moss technology and it’s potential. Especially when it involves fire or, preferably, explosions.

Traits Edit

Grenade cooldown reduced to 10 seconds instead of 30

50% explosive damage resistance

Skills Edit

Grenade Master Edit

Grenadier throws 2 grenades instead of 1, but increases the grenade cooldown by 4 seconds.

Last Laugh Edit

Grenadier drops a live grenade upon death. Additionally, Grenadier gets +20% mobility for 4 seconds after throwing a grenade.

Launcher Specialist Edit

Grenadier gains +40% reload speed.

Pyromaniac Edit

Grenadier gains +15% explosive damage (affects both regular grenades and grenade launchers)

Strategist Edit

While holding a grenade, Grenadier regenerates +1.5% of max health per second. Additionally after throwing a grenade, Grenadier gains +6% damage resistance for 10 seconds.

Opportunist Edit

Grenadier instantly recovers a grenade and gains a +15% explosive radius buff for 8 seconds after a kill


Grenade launchers Edit

Sub-Machine Guns Edit

Shotguns Edit

Pistols Edit

Background Edit

Grenadier is a scientist that works for the MFA and looks up to the Marksman. He was the one to discover the new form of energy that changed the world years ago.

At that time, he was only a scientist. The crazy part came later. After his discovery, he dedicated his life to his work, convinced that it would change humanity forever. He would never truly know how right he was.

The more he worked, the more he changed into the crazy pyromaniac that he is today. His symptoms are similar to those of the Berserker, but his emotions are more complex than those of the experiment child. Instead of anger, Grenadier tends to be playful and happy, even in moments where he isn’t supposed to be. This happy accident saved him from the same fate as the Berserker.

Grenadier has a great deal of respect for the Marksman, which he sees as a great leader.


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