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The Brute is a Light Machine Gun exclusively for Tank, because of it's it's extremely high DPS with poor range, weapon swap speed and mobility this gun is useful for holding choke points, but isn't as good for a general combat build without the assistance of damage perks.


  • With the Provoked perk the damage on the Brute increases from 40 to 50, this allows you to to kill 200HP classes in 4 shots (besides Berserker in Fury mode, or with the Guts perk equipped), while increasing your effectiveness at range. But the damage boost only affects you after you take damage so this can be used on a more combat based build, or a build that wants to hold a position.

Patch notes[]


  • Damage increased from 38 to 40
  • Accuracy increased from 84% to 92%


  • Since in Free-to-Play the gun was deemed way too powerful, the gun got some major nerfs. The damage is much lower, and it has an absurd amount of recoil.
  • Based off the HK21 Light Machine Gun.

Weapon Skins[]

Early Access[]

  • Volunteer Brute

First Blood[]

  • Jungle Brute
  • Diamond ore Brute