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(See Hooligan for the Tank's starting LMG.)

The Bruiser is an unreleased Light Machine Gun exclusively for Tank.


  • The Bruiser used to be typed in the code to be the Hooligan, but the actual Bruiser was meant to be used, as there is a weapon icon next to the ammo when the Bruiser is properly modded in (This is no longer the case as of 1.1.2, as all guns use their picture for the ammo counter).
  • The Bruiser is also missing it's textures (Oddly enough, the Hooligan is not), but it still functions correctly.
  • The Bruiser is very accurate with higher-than-average fire rate.
  • There was a small bug that says the mobility is 0, even though it is not.
  • The Bruiser is based in the M60