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Welcome to the Ballistic Overkill Wikia

This is the official wiki of Ballistic Overkill, a class-based online multiplayer FPS by Brazilian independent developer Aquiris Game Studio.

Ballistic Overkill is a fast paced PvP shooter. Easy pick up and play, no complicated setups or rules: it’s kill or be killed. Select a class with unique skills and arsenal to play. No wimpy classes. In Ballistic, everyone is a killer!

Ballistic Overkill's current version is 1.5.6, last updated on January 28, 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ballistic Overkill's official support has ended as of January 31, 2020. Please read this announcement for more information.

Our dedicated servers are currently located here:

  • NA EAST = Virginia
  • NA WEST = Oregon
  • ASIA = Singapore
  • EUROPE = Frankfurt
  • SOUTH AM = Sao Paulo

About the Wiki

This wiki was created by VexerJester, Madmadness65, Zrtec1, Hesperiam, and JesusFabre.

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