Ballistic Overkill Wikia

An Accessory is a vanity item you can equip onto a class. You can equip different ones over the various loadouts the classes have.


Season 0[]

Captain Bracelet.png

Captain Bracelet[]

Requires 10 of any Volunteer skins.

Spartan Mask.png

Spartan Mask[]

Requires 3 of any Veteran skins, and 1 of any Honored skin.

Christmas Hat.png

Christmas Hat[]

Requires 1 Volunteer Whirlwind, Dirk, Stalker, Agent, Hydra, Judge, Scorpion, Shinobi, Destructor, Terminator, Prybar, Mongoose, Killmark, and Ghost.

Season 1[]

Adventure Hat.png

Adventure Hat[]

Requires 8 of any Jungle skins.

Bunny Slippers.png

Bunny Slippers[]

Requires 5 of any Tiger skins.

Sheep Hood.png

Sheep Hood[]

Requires 5 of any Tiger skins.

Horizon Chase Slippers.png

Horizon Chase Slippers[]

Requires 3 of any Sunrise skins.

Pirate Set.png

Pirate Set[]

Requires 2 of any Overkill skins, and 1 Diamond Ore Buzzsaw, Maelstrom, Widower, Piledriver, Persuader, Machete, Hurricane, Constrictor, Oni, Serpent, Brute, Mammoth, Haunter, and Redeemer.

Season 2[]

Cat Backpack.png

Cat Backpack[]

Requires 7 of any Tiger skins, and 7 of any White Tiger skins.

Samurai Helmet.png

Samurai Helmet[]

Requires 2 of any Seaquake skins, and 1 Urban Cobra, Spectre, Slayer, Gremlin, Curator, Demon, Devil, Shinobi, Hammer, Heavy Metal, Commando, Ranger, Warden, and Drone.

Frog Slippers.png

Frog Slippers[]

Requires 20 of any Jungle skins.

Paw Shoes.png

Paw Shoes[]

Requires 10 of any Urban skins, and 2 of any Rose skins.

Season 3[]

Viking Helmet.png

Viking Helmet[]

Requires 10 of any Desert Skins, and 2 of any Forge skins.

Cuirassier Helmet.png

Cuirassier Helmet[]

Requires 20 of any Hearts skins, and 1 Blue Flame skin.

Magma Mask.png

Magma Mask[]

Requires 8 of any Magma skins.

Burning Feet.png

Burning Feet[]

Requires 2 of any Red Flame skins, and 1 Forge skin.


Gentleman Hat.png

Gentleman Set[]

Requires 10 of any Gridline skins, and 10 of any Circuit skins.

Skull Mask.png

Greydeath Mask[]

Requires 2 of any Greydeath skins, and 1 Gridline Thumper, Tormentor, Executioner, Switchblade, Twister, Firebrand, Tornado, Blister, Sawblade, Rhino, Rampart, Blackhawk, Intruder, and Redemptor.



Pumpkin Head.png

Pumpkin Head[]

Requires 6 of any Pumpkin skins.

Unreleased Accessories[]

Automata Mask[]

Added to the game with the rest of the Season 2 accessories, this appears to be a mask similar in design to Tank Elite's mask, but having the color scheme of Automata: yellow-orange, white, and black. This has no accessory icon at present.