An Accessory is a vanity item you can equip onto a class. You can equip different ones over the various loadouts the classes have.

Accessories Edit

Season 0 Edit

Captain Bracelet

Captain Bracelet Edit

Requires 10 of any Volunteer skins.

Spartan Mask

Spartan Mask Edit

Requires 3 of any Veteran skins, and 1 of any Honored skin.

Christmas Hat

Christmas Hat Edit

Requires 1 Volunteer Whirlwind, Dirk, Stalker, Agent, Hydra, Judge, Scorpion, Shinobi, Destructor, Terminator, Prybar, Mongoose, Killmark, and Ghost.

Season 1 Edit

Adventure Hat

Adventure Hat Edit

Requires 8 of any Jungle skins.

Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers Edit

Requires 5 of any Tiger skins.
Sheep Hood

Sheep Hood Edit

Requires 5 of any Tiger skins.
Horizon Chase Slippers

Horizon Chase Slippers Edit

Requires 3 of any Sunrise skins.

Pirate Set

Pirate Set Edit

Requires 2 of any Overkill skins, and 1 Diamond Ore Buzzsaw, Maelstrom, Widower, Piledriver, Persuader, Machete, Hurricane, Constrictor, Oni, Serpent, Brute, Mammoth, Haunter, and Redeemer.

Season 2 Edit

Cat Backpack

Cat Backpack Edit

Requires 7 of any Tiger skins, and 7 of any White Tiger skins.

Samurai Helmet

Samurai Helmet Edit

Requires 2 of any Seaquake skins, and 1 Urban Cobra, Spectre, Slayer, Gremlin, Curator, Demon, Devil, Shinobi, Hammer, Heavy Metal, Commando, Ranger, Warden, and Drone.

Frog Slippers

Frog Slippers Edit

Requires 20 of any Jungle skins.

Paw Shoes

Paw Shoes Edit

Requires 10 of any Urban skins, and 2 of any Rose skins.

Season 3 Edit

Viking Helmet

Viking Helmet Edit

Requires 10 of any Desert Skins, and 2 of any Forge skins.

Cuirassier Helmet

Cuirassier Helmet Edit

Requires 20 of any Hearts skins, and 1 Blue Flame skin.

Magma Mask

Magma Mask Edit

Requires 8 of any Magma skins.

Burning Feet

Burning Feet Edit

Requires 2 of any Red Flame skins, and 1 Forge skin.

Core Edit

Gentleman Hat

Gentleman Set Edit

Requires 10 of any Gridline skins, and 10 of any Circuit skins.
Skull Mask

Greydeath Mask Edit

Requires 2 of any Greydeath skins, and 1 Gridline Thumper, Tormentor, Executioner, Switchblade, Twister, Firebrand, Tornado, Blister, Sawblade, Rhino, Rampart, Blackhawk, Intruder, and Redemptor.

Missions Edit

Halloween Edit

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Head Edit

Requires 6 of any Pumpkin skins.

Unreleased Accessories Edit

Automata Mask Edit

Added to the game with the rest of the Season 2 accessories, this appears to be a mask similar in design to Tank Elite's mask, but having the color scheme of Automata: yellow-orange, white, and black. This has no accessory icon at present.

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